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Helping Student Athletes
Succeed After Graduation

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Watering Seeds for College Athletes

There is extraordinary in everyone.

It is our responsibility to nurture that extraordinary.

Watering Seeds for Student Athletes

is designed to help young athletes who are not going into professional sports (over 90% of all college athletes, according to the NCAA) transition from their athletic careers into their professional careers.


Watering Seeds for Student Athletes

delivers professional development and executive-quality coaching services to these young athletes, providing them with both a safety net and a support bridge to long-term career success and economic self-sustainability.


The program is particularly helpful to those atheletes who are first generation college students and come from diverse, untapped, and underestimated background.

Watering Seeds. Leveling the Field. Nurturing Extraordinary.

Softball Catcher

What is Watering Seeds?

Ultimately, “success” for college graduates is not graduation from college, but

long-term financial self-sustainability.

Watering Seeds provides coaching and professional development support to these young adults, delivering a bridge from college, a foundation, and a safety net in those early working years. 

Why is it needed?

Existing programs, both internal and external to universities, do an excellent job of helping young athletes move through college and graduate, but the support those programs provide ends as the students prepare to leave academia and move into the working world.

Student athletes, in particular, leave college with unique experiences and challenges.  Their commitment to their sport greatly limits conventional work experience. Coaching helps the Student Athlete identify and further leverage strengths developed as a full-time student and college athlete.


The Watering Seeds program complements existing career services. It provides graduates a foundation built on professional development and one-on-one coaching, assuring they succeed.

Young Basketball Coach

Coaching Helps

Athletes understand the value of coaching perhaps better than anyone else. They have learned from and depended on the guidance of coaches for much of their lives. 

Graduating (and recently graduated) student athletes are ideal candidates for the Watering Seeds program. To have reached this point in their athletic careers, they have already demonstrated the characteristics needed for long-term success: determination, a willingness to work hard, and a commitment to overcoming obstacles.


As they enter the professional world, the guidance of a coach can be invaluable. The foundational support they will receive will enable them to become economically self-sustainable and well-positioned to, in time, return the support they have been given.


This virtuous cycle enhances the region’s workforce development and the overall economic landscape.

The Benefits of Watering Seeds

For students, the goal is to transition successfully from school to the professional world, and then

become economically self-sufficient.

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Complements and extends (not replace) the services provided by current Career Planning & Services offices

Skill Building
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Understanding what is expected of them in their new workplaces

Building important skills in communication, collaboration, networking, time management and professional presence

Developing an action plan for their first 6 months on the job to help them stabilize and prepare to succeed

Feeling supported, equipped and more confident as they make the transition to the business world

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Next Gen

Develops a pipeline of well-prepared capable graduates, ready to contribute to the organization's success

Gains further insight into the key challenges and opportunities students face after graduation

Develops the next generation of leaders equipped to navigate today's work environment

Creates a more diverse, fair, and inclusive set of corporate and civic leaders

For the partner and funding organizations, the goal is to assure a well-prepared and capable cadre of young adults, ready to join the workforce, ensuring they are prepared for and able to succeed.

Your Support of the Watering Seeds Foundation enables:

  •   Direct support of new and recent graduates as they move into their business career

  •   Matching with 3 experienced coaches from which they can choose the best fit

  •   1-on-1 and group coaching experiences to build skills, network, confidence, and presence  

  •   Personalized sessions focused on the individual's specific needs and facilitated by their coach

  •   Follow-up recommendations and action items to help focus and progress between sessions

  •   Multi-Year, ongoing support to provide a coaching "safety net" when needed

Watering Seeds Foundation is a Georgia nonprofit corporation operating through a fiscal sponsorship with Players Philanthropy Fund, a Maryland charitable trust recognized by IRS as a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Federal Tax ID: 27-6601178).

Contributions to Watering Seeds Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Our Coaches

Quantuvos provides Watering Seeds with its diverse team of coaches representing a wide range of backgrounds. Their experience spans many decades across all industries, geographies and stages of one’s career.


Our coaches bring an approach that reflects our values of compassion, genuine interest in our clients, a personalized experience, and a commitment to helping everyone we serve achieve their best.

Female Soccer Coach
Image by Jackson Hendry
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The journey to your best self

starts with the very first step.

Let’s get started.​

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